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Training and support and consultancy options for your service

Active Support Presentation

Every organisation will have different needs relating to Active Support. For some Active Support may be a new concept ,  a  method you want to adopt, you are planning to introduce Positive Behaviour Support or simply something you want to reignite into the culture of your Service .

This initial  presentation  will discuss:

  • What  Active Support is
  • What it looks like in practice
  • The role of the practice leader
  • Simple monitoring tools and evaluation
  • Barriers  to implementation

Introduction to Active Support Training

Support staff (ideally as a staff team) will attend this one day Introduction to Active Support  training day.  It is advisable that this programme is attended by  the team line manager/team leader or senior support worker.  (The person responsible to take forward Active Support in the Service or has responsibility for giving supervision)

The programme  will:

  • Explain the principals of Active Support
  • Demonstrate how to use simple monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Identify barriers to implementation
  • Demonstrate Active Support in practice (video)
  • Explain Interactive training – coaching (key to implementation)
  • Explain simple monitoring tools for support and evaluation*

(*services may already have relevant paperwork in place)

This session will be tailored to the needs of your service.

Interactive Training (Theory) Promoting Active Support                 This session is essential for successful implementation of Active Support

Evidence shows that practice leadership is vital in the development of Active Support. Practice leaders need to identify areas for staff and team improvement, and  then coach and model good practice.  Coaching always leads to observational change in staff behaviour and measurable gains in client outcome

(All attendees must have attended the one day Introduction to Active Support)

The training covers:

  • Examining current practice what needs to change
  • Supervisory skills: developing both formal and informal skills through practical observation and feedback – role play!
  • Managing skill development of the team
  • Setting achievable goals from Person Centred Plans and monitoring outcomes – simple paperwork
  • Motivating your staff TEAM
  • Working beyond the paperwork.

On Site Coaching – Interactive Training Practice

After attending Interactive Training  (Theory) the consultant will support you in the workplace   with coaching trouble shooting and trainee feedback. Putting theory into practice.

Ongoing support is available from Active Support UK LTD Solutions on request

If you would like to discuss any of the training further please contact Christine Rose:

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