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Respite Centre

Christine delivered a very professional package of training and support. It was invaluable to the staff who attended, leaving them motivated to implement the techniques shown. It made a real difference to the service users who now have much better quality of life where AS has been implemented. A very affordable training package too in these times of austerity.

Carol Tweedale Service Manager Carmarthen


Day Opportunities Gwynedd

Thank you Christine Rose for your amazing help in getting things organised and right in our day service. You kept us focussed on what needed to change. It`s like a different service now…the whole process got things moving, and cleared out the old ways of thinking and working. You helped me as a manager build my systems on how to organise Active support to my whole team. It`s just brilliant!

Life is different here now and for the better, people we support are doing things for themselves more and seem happier, and staff are more positive. This work has fundamentally changed our ways.

I am grateful for the time you took to come into our services and shared some very good ideas . We have continued with even more determination to reach successes.   No matter what people’s needs are you showed us that by giving just the right kind and level of support anybody can achieve and take part in any activity at the centre. We have put many of your ideas and advice into action, by celebrating our people’s successes and organising a certification ceremony, which we invited our local councillor who presented the certificate. It was great that the local newspaper reported on it.

Your networking suggestions and contacts with other organisations who provide a similar service t has been an eye opener, especially when you connected me with Eileen Clark and her team from Halton they were brilliant!

Positive outcomes are things that happen everyday here now.   Only yesterday our people were praised for their help as volunteers at our local food bank. The people we support collect food bank donations from our local Tesco store. They took a photograph of the team and it will be displayed in store.

Active support has been one big amazing challenge which I’ve enjoyed and Christine had some very helpful insights which has been implemented into our service. Such as the realization that everyone can achieve and progress in life, by starting with small steps and improving as time goes.

Now that active support plans and paper work are sorted, I see that documents are in place to make sure that active support is delivered smoothly and consistencently which is saving us all a lot of time (actually being organized and the whole team and the people we support know what is happening ) making the whole place productive. Its great when the team and myself get such positive feedback from the top managers really does boost staff morale.

I strongly recommend working with Christine through active support. She really knows what’s she’s doing! She helped myself and the team to see that we had more options than we thought, and now we are doing things we might not of considered before. People enjoy coming to work and people we support are doing more and enjoying it.

Andrew Guy Manager Gwynedd Day Centre



Turning plans into action